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Gregor, a German-born toy designer, introduced the balls in In a profile, he told The Times-Picayune the idea was inspired by a technique some European mothers used to persuade their daughters to knit: They would hide a trinket inside a ball of yarn, which the girls could retrieve only by using the yarn wrapped around it.

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These surprise balls were made by the Charles Gregor Company in Metairie. His factory employed several artists, including his mother, to paint and decorate the surprise balls to resemble Santa and Mrs. Claus, snowmen, clowns, pixies, pirates, princesses and a menagerie of animals. In , Gregor featured more than 70 designs. Gregor died in Rebennack Jr. John, a musical ambassador for the Crescent City. Born in New Orleans on Nov. John began as a young man performing around town with his own bands.

His most recent work is a tribute to Louis Armstrong. His no-big-deal approach to sequins and clothing in general is the proof of his innate sense of style. On the day of the Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee, Politico reported the top Google search term for former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush is whether the beleaguered candidate is still running for the GOP presidential nomination. Mike Huckabee and Louisiana Gov.

Bobby Jindal spent much of the debate trying to bait Christie, with no success. Party on. A restaurant row on Tulane Avenue? A rib-eye steak is topped with barbecued shrimp and served with asparagus and green onion mashed potatoes at. In the three decades since he took ownership of the no-frills diner on the corner of S. Galvez Street, McCormick, now 79, has seen Tulane Avenue go from a well-trafficked thoroughfare filled with visitors and hotels to a strip dotted with desolate lots flanked by cheap motels and plagued by prostitution and drug activity.

The restaurant has since curbed its hours, but McCormick says it has been able hold on to a loyal clientele while the surrounding area has seen big ups and downs, falling on hard times after a newly built. The avenue, which sits in the shadow of the Orleans Parish Prison, has for years been defined by its proximity to the beleaguered city jail and the surrounding criminal justice entities.

Trash-littered sidewalks, blighted properties and vacant lots have sat neglected and untouched for years. There was little, if any, reason to visit the strip unless a trip to the nearby courthouse deemed it absolutely necessary. Scott Street. Patterson took over a rundown watering hole called the Cajun Pub, a dive bar known for little more than a proliferation of cheap booze and video poker.

Now, amid the glare of neon signs advertising bail bondsmen, the slate facade of the Criminal District courthouse and a number of rundown motels charging by the hour, Tulane Avenue is slowly starting to shed its derelict image as businesses open to serve an influx of potential customers working at or visiting the medical complex.

The project, now underway, is expected to be completed early next year and will reduce the congested thoroughfare from six to four lanes, establish a neutral ground to facilitate. With time, the restaurant established a steady lunch clientele and developed a cult following for its signature buffalo shrimp po-boy showered with blue cheese. Now, a full dinner service includes a roster of Creole standbys — velvety turtle soup, shrimp-stuffed mirlitons — and a ounce grilled rib-eye topped with barbecued shrimp and served with mashed potatoes laced with green onions.

Patterson opened her art gallery-cum-cocktail bar Treo in January after a massive renovation of the. The opening of University Medical Center and the Veterans Affairs hospital next year promises a bump in commerce — and several optimistic business owners, real estate developers and residents see fresh opportunity on the old street. All of this is great news for diners, as a crop of new restaurants and bars is helping to shape the area into a diverse dining destination. Now you see people taking a chance, fixing up their properties. Complimentary parking in hotel garage is based upon availability.

The snacks include cheese plates from St. James Cheese Company, chicken liver.

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White Street. Here, the legal community from the surrounding criminal justice system pops in to mingle over a beer or a shot. Owner Keith Magruder throws down a short but sweet selection of classic and new drinks. The Thomas Holley, a light and refreshing ryebased drink, gets a tart burst with the addition of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, dry. Curacao and a sageinfused simple syrup.

A daily happy hour runs from 4 p. A shot and a beer will run you. Tulane Ave. Owner Bertrand Washington says renovations on the space are underway and the bar soon will expand to include the space next door, where casual bar fare like burgers and wings will be served. All of the burgers are served on onion sourdough rolls that are steamed and toasted until slightly crisp.

The Hawaii. A breakfast menu with egg- and meat-stuffed po-boys is offered daily, while Sundays feature one of the few brunches in the area. The signature sandwich is a triple-decker and not for the lactose intolerant: sweet Hawaiian toast is filled with six different types of cheese. There also are internationally inspired options on Tulane.

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Hieu Doan opened the sleek Vietnamese restaurant Namese at the corner of Tulane and. Carrollton avenues in late For example, a take on a Cuban sandwich is served on banh mi bread and filled with braised duck, strips of bacon, cheese, pickled vegetables and a sweet hoisin aioli. Broad Street in before closing following Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures. It reopened on a quiet stretch of upper Tulane Avenue in All the classic Jamaican standbys are here: grilled jerk chicken, simmered callaloo, plantains and oxtail stewed in rich, coffee-colored gravy.

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A spicy beef patty and a champagne Kola — a Jamaican cream soda — make a snack to go. Dupre Street. In the coming months, several new restaurants will open shop. Robertson Street. Across the street from Criminal District Court on S. And the owners of Honduran restaurant Los Catrachos in Metairie are opening a second location in the former Pizzicare space at Tulane Ave. Despite business growth and crackdowns on prostitution and drug trafficking, blighted properties and rundown buildings are still commonplace on Tulane Avenue.

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Levy, of the Mid-City Business Association, estimates it could take as long as two years to see benefits from the biomedical district and streetscape project. The house favorite — pollo con tajadas — is a generously portioned, colorful dish of fried chicken topped with crispy plantains and a mountain of fresh shredded vegetables including cabbage, carrots and pickled onions.

Sopa de mariscos is a deep red stew chock-full of fresh seafood. Unit A, ; www. The store is located in a strip mall by Interstate , next to a Waffle House. Inside, an eclectic assortment of framed art hangs on the brightly hued walls. An affectionate gray-and-white rescue cat named J. Watts also prefers this type of paint because he is familiar with it. His father also was a. A Little Happy www. Saturday, Nov.

  • Sushammocca (Italian Edition).

When the housing market collapsed in , Watts second-guessed his career choice and considered going into the paint retail business. He felt that New Orleans would be a good place to pursue such a venture, since the city lacked a Farrell-Calhoun dealer. Business has flourished. Vivid paint colors even for exteriors are the most popular products. In addi-. His involvement with Hollywood South began when he met someone who was part of the American Horror Story production crew nearly four years ago. Although painting projects slow down during cold winter months, they pick up speed once the warmer temperatures arrive.

The fitness center offers surfinginspired workouts. Le Jouet Airline Drive, Metairie, ; www. Wednesday, Nov. There will be wine, food and giveaways. ETCH studio www. Two LSU students founded the company in January as a jewelry line. Smoke boasts a more convivial family atmosphere, where garage doors open onto a bright patio and service is swift and friendly.

A pile of smoked chicken wings gets delivered on a tray decorated with smoked peanuts and slivers of pickled celery. The fat wings carry some weight to them and their crispy skin — a deep caramel tone — gives way to soft and juicy white meat. An accompanying duo of creamy buttermilk dressing and a bright coral hot sauce were like the yin and yang. Louis-style ribs. Encased in a deep chocolate-colored char, the tender, dark meat slips effortlessly from the bones and fatty bits imbue a world of smoky flavor.

The soft, dusty rose slices are capped with thin ribbons of fat and dark char that melt in your mouth. Starters are hit or miss.