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There's always music around us, we join salsa parties at the promenade and watch the men play domino in the streets. Die Zeit scheint stehengeblieben zu sein. Fresh fish filet, seasoned with fresh pepper, lime, garlic, lemon grass and salt. We meet Joe while we're sitting on a bench, drinking cold beer.

We bought it at the bar on the other side of the road and enjoy the sunset sipping it. Joe is the fifth local who walks by, shakes our hands and starts a conversation. The bar is filled with locals and we really stick out with our white skin. Joe is a sympathetic guy, making jokes, laughing a lot and talking about his home. He is a Rasta and lives near the forest, growing his own crops and ganja. He doesn't drink alcohol, eats no meat, applies no chemical fertilizer and only consumes what he grows himself.

The dung of his horse living in the garden next door and homemade fluids are everything he uses to fertilize. Besides tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, juka, aloe vera, herbs, mangoes, pineapples and other crops he grows a lot of cannabis. He looks after the plants everyday as if they were his kids.

The harvest is enormous, due to the climate he is able to grow outside all year long — without adding chemicals or using genetically modified seeds. Joe has tiny dogs and big plans. The house he lives in is not finished yet. The interior is missing. He would like the turn it into a hostel to get in contact with other travelers.

This way he would be able to show them his lifestyle in accordance with nature. Joe takes life easy.

Fleisch bis zum abwinken - Picture of Officina Della Bistecca, Panzano in Chianti - TripAdvisor

His physical, mental and social well-being is very important to him and his ecological footprint is extremely small. With ten billion Joes and Joannas in the world, the polar caps would freeze back together, there would be no plastic pollution of the seas and capitalism would not rule the world.

It would be a life without money and exploitation and probably less innovation, technology and progress. But we would know about all sorts of plants and their medical purpose. We would be stoned all day long - like back in the Stone Age, and would be happier due to our great social life. It is hard to imagine how such a world full of Joes would work in the bigger picture, but its nice to see the lifestyle working for individuals. Joe is a real role model! We are impressed and try to apply his philosophy into our world.

Thanks Joe, for showing us yours! This is one of the reasons why we are here: to see foreign cultures and different lifestyles. Das Haus in dem er spartanisch wohnt, ist noch nicht ganz fertig. Der Innenausbau fehlt noch. So kann er ihnen sein Leben im Einklang mit der Natur zeigen. Joe geht mit einem Beispiel voran. Vielen Dank, Joe, dass du uns dein Leben gezeigt hast.

Beside us there are no tourists and everything seems to be completely real. The small city is incredibly loud, alive, colourful, poor and dirty. There's always something going on in the streets and you hear loud reggae at anytime. We easily get to know nice people and make new friends. The area around Porti offers a lot, from beaches, bays and lagoons at the seaside to jungle, waterfalls and rivers in the mountains.

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We try to see everything and spend a long time there. With our minds filled with lots of experiences and interesting people we hardly manage to leave this place in the end. Es gibt kaum Touristen, alles hier wirkt sehr echt. Schnell lernen wir sehr nette Menschen und auch neue Freunde kennen. Actually we don't like Montego Bay. The city has not much to offer and is crowded with cruiseship-tourists. The local yachtclub is way to expensive, but unfortunately there is no other harbour in the area.

Jamaica is not as used to sailors as the small antilles are.

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We always have to come back to Mo'Bay for clearing in and out. Luckily there is the Pier 1! So we connect the necessary with the playful things and party there at two weekends.

Friday night the Pier 1 is the place to be! The location at the waterfront is awesome, music is good and the people, mostly Jamaicans, are really in a party-mood.

At the other days, it's also worth a visit. There is yummy food and drinks and live reggae from the early evening on. That's how you enjoy a beautiful sunset! Die Stadt hat wenig zu bieten und alles ist voller Kreuzfahrt- Touris. Auch an anderen Tagen ist der Laden einen Ausflug wert. Leaf spinach, a handful of mushrooms, sweet potatoes, tomatoes a delicious chicken and juicy beef! The chicken gets marinated with lemon grass and chili, the sweet potatoes find their way into the oven.

The grill is on fire!


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The crew gets comfortable at the foredeck. The crown corks pop off from cider and beer, blue sky, sea gently burbles, sun is shining. The meat gets cut in fine slices and everybody takes it with their bare hands. That's how it should be - we enjoy the small things really big! Die Crew macht es sich auf dem Vordeck bequem.

This is one of the places we could stay forever. The two days we spend there are definitely way too short! Especially because we missed the good swell and therefore we have to surf small waves. The small, round bay is opened to the north and with a good, northern swell meter waves aren't rare. The wave is a left point break and runs out over sandy ground.

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A nice extra is the path on the left hand side of the bay, where you get to a rock at the end of the bay from which you can jump behind the line up. A paradise for us who hate paddling out all the time.

Zartes Fleisch in bester Qualität - Picture of Officina Della Bistecca, Panzano in Chianti

Beside surfing, the bay is a great place to chill and enjoy the weather. There's a sandy beach and next to the rock on the left hand side you'll find the private beach of a luxury hotel. Just open the door and enter, the security guards are quite nice and probably allow you to stay. There you'll find hammocks and outdoor beds, build into the picturesque rocks.

Fleisch bis zum abwinken - Picture of Officina Della Bistecca, Panzano in Chianti - TripAdvisor

Very nice! Die zwei Tage, die wir dort verbringen, sind definitiv zu wenig! Wie geil! Sehr geil! To all the Foodies out there: Jamaica is way more interesting for you than the smaller caribbean islands! There's lots of streetfood and many small and cheap restaurants. Most of the time we're the only white people there, but that's great!

They come with plantains, rice, beens, fries, sweet potatoes, or fried sticks made of dough.