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They remained in Wimbledon until when they and their mother relocated to Killiney in south Dublin. Saving was a great virtue allowing one to make wise and generous use of money. Sheltered accommodation was very fine and the places looked jolly nice, but they were for other people.

Her papers included a large collection of letters to and from her father; as well as letters from her mother to Betty and others from her Brownlow relations.

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There were also many identified photos, some of which Laetitia Lefroy subsequently passed on to Jamie Brownlow in Lurgan. As the Freeman's Journal noted:. He appears to have transferred to the 2nd Battalion during the war. He remained in South Africa after the war and, perhaps assisted by his aunt Edith Beaumont formerly Lady Colley was appointed Assistant Military Magistrate of the Boksburg district in I have not yet succeeded in getting the figures for the native employees on the East Rand Proprietary Mines.

The above figures represent the present population excluding the Mines and Refugee Camps.

In normal times the population of whites will probably be double and the native treble the above figures. Ger was also recorded as an Assistant Magistrate in the Witwatersand district. On 15th December , he reputedly sailed home from Capetown on board the Avondale Castle. That said he was later clocked as one of eighty officers and troops who returned on board the Union Castle liner Norman that docked at Southampton on 3rd January He was transferred to County Tipperary in and made his home at Kingswell House in Sadlierswells.

His heart must have been palpitating as the ship passed dangerously close to an iceberg two days before it reached New York. He was not on the monthly army lists in August but the following month he re-joined the 3rd Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment, as a captain. It was from here that Major G. He was referring to Fr. A spooky story is told that on Easter Sunday, the Major telephoned his wife Dorothy to tell her that there was some trouble brewing between the Irish nationalists and the British authorities.

Dorothy and a friend then went to Belgard Castle from where they could see Dublin city centre in flames. Meanwhile, George and Edie Colley were strolling through Corkagh when they heard the sound of a marching band and tramping feet making its way down the Naas Road and out through the rear gate of Corkagh. They rushed home to find the entire staff nervously huddled by the front steps of the house.

They too had heard the band, and they were convinced that Corkagh was about to be attacked. And yet, not one of the men or women present had seen neither hide nor hair of the mysterious band. This story is not mentioned in the memoirs of Dorothy Stopford Price who recalled:. He was at H. That all the Curragh camp had been brought up the soldiers were beginning to take things in hand. Mrs N. As such he would have been responsible for organizing the executions of anyone given a death sentence.

Fortunately, his appointment came after the leaders were executed - but only just! He does not appear to have been involved in any of the 24 executions carried out during the War of Independence. After the war, Ger returned to his duties as Resident Magistrate in Tipperary. On 4th September , the court was in session to try seven young men accused of membership of Sinn Fein and the Irish Volunteers when a crowd gathered outside and began singing rebel songs and stoning the police and soldiers on duty.

When one soldier had his helmet knocked off his head by a piece of brick, a cordon was drawn and the streets cleared by a series of baton charges. That said, the Rev. J Stringer delivered the following obituary to him as part of his sermon to the parishioners of Tipperary Church on 18th December One is not often privileged in life to meet many who could come anywhere near him for simple, unaffected goodness. Although the girls did what they could to avoid such hard work, they enjoyed riding and occasionally joined Aunt Dorothy on excursions to Phoenix Park.

Their preference for larking rather than proper riding tested her patience no end. Patricia certainly spent some of her childhood at Corkagh, playing with her Colley cousins.

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Edward Pomeroy Colley was born on 15th April and was destined to have the lousy distinction of being the only person on the Titanic who drowned on his birthday. Educated at Haileybury, he went on to study civil engineering at Trinity College Dublin, graduating on 23rd April , shortly after his 22nd birthday. When the Anglo-Boer War broke out in , Frank volunteered for service, ultimately playing a pivotal role in the episode that resulted in James Rogers winning a Victoria Cross. In April , he passed the Land Surveyors' examination, winning the approval of the Board of Examiners comprising the Surveyor General and five other surveyors to practice in the province.

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He received a numbered commission and a seal and, when the time came to fill out his form for the Census of Canada, he proudly appended the initials "PLS" after his name. At that time, he was lodging in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia. In December , his presence was noted at a buffet supper hosted by the Victoria Ladies Hockey Club. He had enough work to go on a surveying adventure for five months, then return to attend to his office work in a few months, and then have his winter free to zip home to Ireland.

Indeed, his single survey practice enabled him to go back to Ireland every winter, which he did every year until his premature death. Colley was not the only surveyor to work in this area, but he was the main one. Among those they encountered in was Harry Morgan, the first settler to stake out a homestead at Ootsa Lake.


The adventure had finished by July because that month he sailed home for a holiday on board the Umbria, disembarking at Queenstown Cobh in County Cork on 16th July He returned to Canada on the Campania in March and was back out in the Yukon that summer. At about this time he apparently opened a successful mining brokerage firm in Vancouver, speculating in mining stocks.

In , he was recorded as one of four tenants of the Hamley Building at Government Street, Victoria. Constructed in , the building was named after its original owner, Wymond Hamley, a past Collector of Customs for British Columbia, and was constructed on the site of the old Fort Victoria Garden. Harper, the jeweller J. Whitney, and the Dominion Express. The Hamley Building features in a film reel from made by William H. Astonishingly, Harbeck was also fated to die on the Titanic. He returned to the Ootsa Lake District in the summer of to oversee the first of several government surveys in North-Central B.

See Appendix 1.

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Arthur carried out many surveys for the Provincial government in the vicinity of Atlin, the Skeena, Bulkley Valley, the Ootsa and Francois Lake districts, the Peace River district, and many other parts of the province. A keen mathematician and acclaimed British bridge player, he also had a reputation for considerable physical endurance. Eddie seems to have voyaged to Europe again for the winter of and was clocked on board the Lucania in April On 8th November , the same newspaper published the following story:.

The Ootsa Lake district, lying between Ootsa lake and Francis [Francois] lake, not far to the southward of the proposed route of the Grand Trunk Pacific, is one of the promising new sections of northern British Columbia, according to E. Colley, P. Colley ought to know for he has been in that country for four seasons in charge of provincial government survey parties.

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  • Colley has just come in for the winter and speaking of the Ootsa lake district yesterday he said:. There is a little fir along the banks of Francis lake, but it cannot be called a timber country.

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    • Generally speaking it is partly open and partly, covered with patches of poplar. These are seldom more than 9 inches in diameter, so the ground is easy to clear. Comparatively little agriculture has been accomplished as yet. For one thing there is at present no market for the produce, and in the second place with existing transportation facilities it takes the settlers pretty nearly all summer to get in their supplies.