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Oh, kisses sweeter than wine, Oh, kisses sweeter than wine Our children they numbered just about four, They all had sweethearts knockin' at the door. They all got married and they didn't hesitate; I was, Oh Lord, the grandmother of eight. Oh, kisses sweeter than wine, Oh, kisses sweeter than wine Now that we're old, and ready to go, We get to thinkin' what happened a long time ago. We had a lot of kids, trouble and pain, But, Oh Lord, We'd do it again.

Oh, kisses sweeter than wine, Oh, kisses sweeter than wine. Submit Corrections. His version of "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" was a big hit on the airwaves then, although I don't know how high it went on the charts. He had a couple of other hits then, too, but I can't think of them. I still hear him doing "Kisses I may be wrong but this Jimmie [F] Rodgers died some years ago of mysterious or criminal acts?? The singing brakeman spells his name Jimmie Rodgers. This other guy spells his name Jimmy Rogers. I think he was a sideman for Muddy Waters earlier in his career.

I learned Scarlet Ribbons from that album. Subject: RE: Derivation of 'Kisses Sweeter than Wine' From: Stewie Date: 18 Aug 00 - PM There are 3 JRs being referred to: 1 Jimmie Rodgers the singing brakeman and blue yodeler; 2 Jimmie [F] Rodgers, a pop-style 'folksinger', who had hits in the late 50s - 'Honeycomb' and 'Kisses Sweeter Than Wine' among them - his name is spelt same as the singing brakeman's; and 3 Jimmy Rogers, a bluesman and excellent guitarist -as Murray mentioned, he was key member of Muddy Waters s band, and in the 70s formed his own band.

Are we done with Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"? I don't know anymore than when we started. Leadbelly Huddie Ledbetter was living in New York in the 's. He took her to the field to be fed, And all of a sudden poor Drimmer dropped dead, Oh — mush-a sweeter than thou. Leadbelly liked the tune, but he wanted to sing it his own way. Some time later, at another crowded Greenwich Village party, he took Sam Kennedy aside into the bathroom, the only quiet place they could find. He said, "Sam. He said, "Leadbelly, it's an old, old song.

Everybody's got a right to sing it the way they want to. You sing it your way; I'll sing it my way. Also garbled the words. Once I was humming through the melody as Leadbelly sang it. I was intrigued by the unusual chords Leadbelly used to accompany it. He'd played A major 7th, but sang it in A minor. But I couldn't remember his words.

I found myself singing, "Oh oh, kisses sweeter than wine. I jotted the idea on a scrap of paper and dropped it in a file labeled 'song ideas Us four Weavers found ourselves in a most unexpected situation. Thanks to the enthusiasm of bandleader Gordon Jenkins, we'd recorded one of the songs of Leadbelly, who'd died penniless the year before. In the summer of you couldn't escape it. A waltz yet! In a roadside diner we heard someone say, 'Turn that jukebox off! I've heard that song 50 times this week.

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In Houston's Shamrock Hotel we were sitting around a swimming pool contemplating a letter from our manager, 'Decca Records wants to record some new songs. Please start rehearsing them. I'm humming this idea and that as I leaf through scraps of paper. I come to this. Lee said, 'Hold on, let me try it.

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As I remember we pared them down to five. Sometimes I only sing four verses and get away with it. It was a mild seller back in — a much better seller a few years later when country singer Jimmie Rodgers did it. But what makes me really happy is that it has become a standard with many people. The songwriter as a matchmaker! Now, who should one credit on this song? The Irish, certainly. Sam Kennedy, who taught it to us. Leadbelly, for adding rhythm and blues chords.

Me, for two new words for the refrain. Lee, who wrote seven verses. Fred and Ronnie, for paring them down to five. I know the song publisher, The Richmond Organization, cares. Date: 20 Aug 00 - AM Thank you, rich r. It even accounts for where the words in the chorus come from.

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I wonder if Sam Kennedy ever made a recording of his version. The ISBN is It is a fascinating book. Anyone like to post it? Max has made the posting of text so easy even I can do it, but tunes I know, I know, I should be ashamed. Actually I am ashamed. But can't post tunes.

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

I've tried. Played gutstring guitar, sang in a sweet tenor. His song and his vocal style were used in the jingle for the cereal "Honeycomb" at one time. A probably unreliable memory : I think during the highway assault that broke his head, his clothes were stolen from the back seat of his car. One of the very few guitarists Ritchie Havens and one of the BeeGees were two others to play exclusively in open tuning D or E, if I remember correctly and do ALL his fretting with his thumb.

One of his "tricks" was constantly modulating up the scale for each new verse. I believe the composer credit on his version was "Paul Cambell" no mention of Leadbelly so when it came down to nuts, bolts, and dollars, the song had NO previous history. What I was really curious about was how it went from an Irish song to a Leadbelly song to a "popular folk" song.

Thanks to all who answered, and especially Bruce O. I got lots of good ideas from the answers. In classical music, this ending would be called "tierce de picardie" or a picardy third meaning you make the last chord in the minor key song a major. This is probably because Leadbelly never played minor chords.

Pete recognized this and incorporated it beautifully with a major sixth chord at the end of the chorus phrase. Stravinsky was quoted as saying something to the effect that great composers don't plagarize anything, they out-and-out steal. Sounds like the folk process to me. There are a gazillion old English songs floating around the American South. He could easily have picked up a version in Texas or Louisiana or such parts long before the Lomaxes brought him to New York. He seems to have been a veritable song magnet. Damn' good one, too. Alex O.. On re-reading this great thread, a couple of things come to mind. First, The high-voiced "folkie-pop" singer Jimmie [F] Rodgers had a longer stay at the top of the hit parade than a great many of his contemporaries, but his efforts seem to not have had "staying power".

So few remember him. Second, hearing Leadbelly sing "Dickie" on the "live from Minneapolis" album, reminds me just how much he DID have to do with the "hit song".