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Tell me about it. The arts are being cut and there are no jobs out there.

Montana gearing up for annual bare-all 'Testicle Festival' that welcomes male, female nudity

You get out of school with all these student loans to pay. You just hope not to get sucked into the life. It worked to some extent. There were some flaws where it turned out to be more of a shit show than I wanted. We did most of the show in the nude and a lot of people felt that it was exploitive. But the girls loved it. They loved performing it, they loved having an audience as opposed to a bunch of guys with bills in their hands.

PGN: It must have felt good that you were generating conversation, good or bad. GM: Oh yeah. There were several shows done in the nude last year. The whole thing blew out of control, but it was fun to be a part of naked Fringe! I had to do something that acknowledged the situation because it had just absorbed me, taken over my life. GM: Yes! This was more about my response and how I dealt with it. I just had to resolve it this way for myself. PGN: Oh dear, what happened? GM: Well, at the end of the relationship I moved out for about 10 days to collect myself.

I came back to get some of my things and walked in to find him in bed with our mutual friend. As I stood there, the image of me taking the guy out with a chainsaw just popped into my head. It looks a little crazy to recreate that image, but for me it was about seeing myself conquering the situation. In the piece I stand above it all, literally. Better this way than in real life. PGN: Have you spoken to him or heard his reaction?

GM: No, and I like it that way. It was just cathartic for me. PGN: So which member of the family had the most influence on creating your twisted sense of things? GM: Oh, my dark, twisted side. I want to say But I think I get my dark side from my relationship with my father. But not enough to be interesting. GM: No!

Amazing moments recorded by the camera - Photoshoot

PGN: Outside of challenging people, what else do you like to do? My life as a whole revolves around art. GM: Absolutely. I have to. So I find myself making most of my visual art from trash, things I find. Everything for this show is from the restaurants where I work and animal parts, bones and stuff. I actually did visual arts before I got into dance. Let me show you something! PGN: Cool. PGN: Where do you find pig jaws in Philadelphia? GM: I went to the Italian Market and asked if anyone had any bones or bits and I got a whole bag of rotting animal parts.

Light, Beauty, Desire, and the Art of the Naked Man

GM: Ha. They said it happens surprisingly often. PGN: What was your best dumpster find? GM: A stretcher. Outside of Jefferson Hospital; it was fantastic. A friend helped me wheel it home to Ninth and Reed, and we got stopped by the police. Fortunately, they let me go.

Montana Bachelors

I used it for the show last year. PGN: Ever been arrested? GM: Surprisingly no. Oh my God, I found a whole bunch of mannequin heads behind one of the hair schools. Five bags of them!

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Ski racing, being an individual sport, allows me to compete against others, as well as myself. You are trying to be the fastest athlete down the hill, and you are trying to be faster than your last run. Alpine racing is an individual sport, and in high school not much interpersonal interaction takes place when compared to larger team sports like football or basketball.

When it came to ski racing and my teammates, I never really had an issue being gay because I never cared about what they thought. I only realized and fully accepted my sexuality sophomore year. I had a crush on a guy in my class, who would become the first person I came out to. He handled it well and became a helpful ally.

He kept my secret. He and a few of my closest friends were the only people I told. I never fully came out until the end of senior year. Where my sexuality was a problem — at least in my mind — was with my other passion: sports photography. As a photographer, I was at most sporting events. I attended basketball, football, hockey and lacrosse games. I got into sports photography as a high school sophomore when one of the players on the boys ice hockey asked me to take photos for the team.

The Naked Man Project: Classic Male Nude Art - The Naked Man Project

I ended up loving the challenge of sports photography, especially in low-light situations. Before that, the only sports event I took photos of was an international ski jumping festival in Brattleboro, Vermont. I was hooked. Despite me not really being friends with the athletes themselves, I was still very much concerned about them finding out I was gay. I was especially afraid of the football players.